Websites – easy aren’t they?

Trying to keep busy to make Lockdown as palatable as possible.

Using the time to try to understand a bit about this site and how it works. You’ve probably noticed my bumbling attempts…

Struggling to get the Spotify playlist to display and then play properly, like each track in full, is challenging. I’ve watched at least 50 YouTube videos, which make it look simple and all say the same thing. Get the embed code of the playlist. Open up a new post, change the input to HTML, paste the code, and then publish. Any idiot can work that out, right?

How come it doesn’t do it!!!

I’m really trying hard not to pay someone on Fiver to do it for me as this is supposed to be simple and I want to learn to do it myself, but I’m getting frustrated. The post does display if I log onto the site on my phone but then only plays 30s of each track, which is next to useless also.

I’m also struggling a bit with ads, these are a blessing and a curse. Writers need them because any form of passive income helps, even the tiniest bit. I choose who I want to advertise on the site which is my prerogative. I choose to advertise Grammarly as I think it’s a really great tool that has helped me with writing and is active on my phone, tablets, and desktop (for some reason I’m struggling to get it operative on my Chromebook but I’ll sort that out after I’ve sorted this site out – back of the queue.) If I advocate it, which I do, someone else might benefit from me publicising it. If I earn £1.00 for that, well so what? But getting the ads to display properly and then click through correctly to the desired landing page is also not as simple as it looks. I’ve contacted my ‘Account Executive’ to see if I can get some guidance.

It’s weird, all the things that are designed to ‘make our lives easier’ often end up giving us a whole new set of headaches. I’ll work all of this out but not necessarily this weekend.


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