Easter Monday.

Still on hardcore lockdown.

Cut my hair on Saturday. I did a surprisingly good job although I’m not brave/vain enough to share the results here.

I’ve been keeping fit; doing some Joe Wicks stuff, some of the PE workouts with my youngest and some 10 Minute Abs on my own. They really hurt! And all this has been my warm-up precursor to heading out for my one piece of Government sanctioned outdoor exercise of the day. I go out for a road run. The roads around Solihull are mostly tree-lined and have good, wide footpaths on each side so I don’t feel like I’m sucking down too much petrol fume, although there aren’t so many cars at the moment. I have one route which is 5 miles but I can cut it short and do a three-mile version if I’m not really feeling it and I’m really feeling it! Last week I did two 5 mile and one 3 mile runs, which is pretty good and enough. I’ve been running long enough that this doesn’t really hurt my heart and lungs, just my feet and knees really so I can switch off and let my mind wander. This is great for the creative juices, I’ve worked through a number of plotlines and scenarios for various projects. The biggest problem that I have to remember to sort out, is when I get back home I’m into recovery and cooldown mode, whereas I should be jotting the ideas down straight away before I forget them.

I just need to plan a bit better.



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