I’ve finally submitted the manuscript to Amazon to publish.

This won’t be available for up to 72 hours on the platform, so I’m in a rare ‘rest’ period. I do have to go back over the Kindle file on my desktop and extract the text as I’ve fiddled with it since loading it up. It now doesn’t match the original manuscript so I have to ensure it’s all the same as I now want to get paperbacks made. I thought the original Kindle file would be acceptable for Amazon for paperbacks, especially as it is formatted, but apparently not. Each page has to be extracted one at a time, back into a Word doc, then I have to re-check any formatting and resubmit this to Amazon.

All these things you find out as you go along. The few small bits of finessing were important to me but over 80k words, I doubt any of you would have noticed the difference. The hard part is knowing when to put the brush down. I could go over the m/s another 50 times and make small, insignificant changes every time but to what end?


Here is another of the original cover ideas that Garry come up with. I realise they are basically the same elements in a different order but interesting perspectives none the less.

Screenshot 2020-03-23 at 16.41.22


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