Can’t believe I actually did this…

Was in my gym kit ready to roll at 9.00 this morning for Joe Wick’s PE workout. The daily podcast for the kids to get some exercise to start their days off in the absence of school.


I was watching Joe on one iPad whilst Facetiming my youngest who was also watching the podcast on her iPad so we could do it together.

Screenshot 2020-03-25 at 15.57.15 It was fun and I’m definitely going to do it again, with her. In fact, I see he has a bunch of things that are a bit more adult (the P.E. still got me a sweat up!). I bet there’s loads of other home workout stuff from loads of different trainers/providers if I look. I have previously been to a couple of Pilates classes, which I really liked, I could do some of those from home. And my flexibility is terrible so some yoga would be good. Or just some lung-bursting, down and dirty circuits – like I used to do in the old days. All worth searching for. Ran three miles after the podcast ended this morning, the podcast was a great loosen up. Keeping up on Boris ‘leave the home for one fitness thing only’ ran on the very quiet roads. Only say 8/10 pedestrians in total. Four of them were runners, two were dog walkers.

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