i What?

Today I’ve been getting to grips with iTunes Connect and Pages.

I’ve never used Pages (the Apple Word Processing software) but it’s pretty simple to import load of text originally written on my Acer ChromeBook which was then converted to MS Word DOCX files on my Mac for editing and now has to be re-formatted again in Pages. Obviously, if I’d known about needing Pages to get a book published on the iBooks Store I could have missed a step. Note for next time.

I need iTunes Connect because I need an account to sell books from. Again pretty simple, lots of sorting identity details, form filling and banking details required. But If I’m going to sell books I want to get paid.

I’m hoping I’ve covered all of this off in terms of Amazon. I’ve sold through them before (not books) so they should know who I am although I may have to enter new banking details. The general trend for eBook sales is that about 80% will go through Amazon and then the other 20% split between a few different retailers such as Barnes & Nobel, Apple, etc. Gotta get set up with all of them then…



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