Time flies…

Bit of a gap.


Just the five years.


A lot has changed. I’m now about to publish my first novel, which I’m going to do online in the next couple of weeks.


Currently, the UK (and world) is on COVID 19 lockdown. The kids are off school and many workers are doing so from home. Offices, restaurants, gyms, bars, etc are closed. Hopefully, with all of the added leisure time, I might get to sell a few more books!


The book is called SOME TIME, it’s the first in a series. I’ve started to write the second already and I’m about a quarter of the way through. This is a bit of a false yardstick. Writing a quarter of the words is not being a quarter of the way to it being finished…oh, no Sirree! I found this out the hard way the first time around. Just as a hypothetical measure – if it takes a year to write a book, you then have to edit it. This will probably take another year. Slapping the entirety of the words down does not mean the book is finished. It’s only half done at best!


So I’m going to keep you updated on the book and subsequent books via this blog. I’ll also add other stuff I like/am interested in to add some colour. If I can attach my socials (just Facebook really, had Twitter but hate that it’s just a troll fest, don’t quite fit in with the ‘perfectness’ of Instagram, don’t really rate anything else but open to change.)



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