Wowsers! The Web… I’ve been a bit busy of late…

So, I’ve been hard at it over the last couple of weeks creating new websites. They’re really for my kids but anyone can use them as they are publicly available.

The thing is, I’m a little scared of YouTube. My kids like to watch YouTubers such as Stampy Cat or LDShadowWoman playing Minecraft. This pair of characters are some of the savvy little millennials who’ve managed to steal a march on the oldies and produce videos of themselves playing Minecraft and other games and loading them onto YouTube (who’d have thought anyone would ever be interested). Kids such as mine, hear about these characters from their friends in the playground and then want to watch them also on YouTube. Stampy now earns literally millions in Google AdSense revenue and your kid probably thinks he’s a superstar. You’ve never heard of him.

My issue is that this is all perfectly innocent. Child finds Stampy on YouTube and watches his content. The problem is that lots and lots of gamers load up their recordings, including those playing PEGI 18 games. They are not doing this to attract/horrify youngsters and there is a ‘safe content’ setting on your browser but even so, it is not difficult for an impressionable to find themselves looking at something you’d rather they weren’t. Start out at Minecraft end up watching bloody head and spinal column being ripped out of Zombie. My example – I caught my eldest watching footage of Kamikaze planes flying into destroyers in WWII when her starting point was looking for videos of Concorde for a school project.

So, I’ve created some ‘safe’ content sites. They’re not totally safe because the occasional unwanted video will turn up and sometimes there may be a bit of mild swearing that hasn’t been picked up but what they do do is stop kids moving into related topics because there aren’t any.

Check ’em out;


I’m still working on a couple of them and will build more soon.

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